Edmonton Liquid Waste Removal and Disposal

It is important to dispose of your liquid waste properly.


The removal of liquid waste can be done a few ways. The most common would be hiring a Vacuum Truck, or storing it in a tote as they are able to carry a variety of wastes.


Companies can produce several different types of waste.Liquid waste can consist of up of three types of waste


  1. Liquids - can be defined as such fluids as wastewater, sewage, used oil, and oily water mixes.
  2. Solids – non-soluble material such as gravel and debris.
  3. Sludge’s- which are semi-solid, settled solids deposited from wastewaters or other fluids in tanks or basins.


Industrial Waste - Liquid, Solids, or sludge’s. Any unwanted or residual materials (not including hazardous or biodegradable wastes) created from industrial cleaning services.


These wastes can be generated whether it be Pressure or Power Washing within your facility, Tank Cleaning, having heavy equipment cleaned or having your sump cleaned after an oil spill.Now depending on the waste, will depend how the product will be disposed of. There are many vacuum truck services in Alberta. Within the Edmonton, Reed Deer, Nisku, and Fort Saskatchewan areas there are few licenced facilities where the waste can be properly disposed of. Liquid Waste Disposal providers must legally manage and dispose of the waste in a manner that does not impact the environment. Liquid Waste is not something that should be discarded or disposed of with no regard for future use. It can be a valuable resource if addressed correctly, through correct disposal methods.Disposal options will be limited by regulation, type of waste (liquid or solid), and the amount of contaminants in the waste. All of these factors will be determined at time of disposal. Tank Cleaning Edmonton


As a customer it is your role to ensure your waste is being transported by a licensed transporter, and to ensure that the waste is being transported to a suitable waste facility.Another fact that most generators don’t know about liquid waste disposal, you are responsible for keeping documentation that demonstrates that the waste was transported and disposed at a licenced liquid waste management facility. Remember this, especially when you are being quoted by companies at low disposal rates, ensure to do your research of where your waste will end up at. Steam Truck Edmonton