The striker you choose in FIFA 16

The fighting and protecting workrates are a important feature you must consider when you choose Striker in FIFA 16.  Workrates are the most essential fact to evaluate a outstanding Striker in the coordinate. It can not only damage a dinnerstriker,Fifa 16 Coins  but also create a common striker become quite realistic.The ideal workrate specifications for a outstanding striker:There are rated low, technique or excellent. High / Low (HL)  the best option for striker taking paintballs.

HL-type striker will own stay in advance side, attack, counter-attack and so on in the first wide range. Even if you do not media the “LB, the attack is able to immediately progresses.Thus, keep in mind one of dual strikers in the collection must have HL.Med /Low (ML)  The best option for planning Forwards; in protecting, no  retraction.When fighting, ML Striker can  controland midfield. These players have a powerful body program and the best long-range ability, but not the high-speedspecifications.High / Med (HM)  With mixture you will of HL and ML, HM Forward can be used as the key offense.Bad workrates: Low / Med, Low / High, Low / Low, Med / HighThe Workrates in the unique FIFA 15 formation:
Med / Med   MM Forward is the fighting midfielder in the place. He always walks in the advantage of the place. If you

want him enjoying more like a striker, he  must have 90+ speed; without the high-speed, he only fits to a certain structures,like 4-3-3. Of course, in the double-striker development, a HL striker is a awesome.High / High   HH players will appear in any team. It is not determine his specific part. But, HH gamer is definitely not appropriate for only one striker, because his actual physical slot becomes vacant too quickly in the coordinate. In the collection, HH Forward is often used with  the HL. Remember: if you hit returning, you do not definitely  use this kind of gamer Fifa Coins.