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The FSF warns CBF Scolari have not ruled out the player for the 2016 World Cup and remember that he was born in Brazil, so it has a Brazilian passport and that his condition has acquired Spanish for residence and not crib. Actually, it is more concerned Scolari Diego Costa is with Spain, the great rival in the World Cup, because he knows that is the part that most needs the forest, it’s utility in Brazil, where only played a few minutes of a friendly and was discarded for the Confederations Cup.Spain call for parties Diego Costa November and if the player prefers Brazil, waive him without litigate. Brazil, however, they will fight Diego Buy Fifa Coins  Costa should choose Spain. The CBF is determined to bring the conflict to FIFA in the second case.

The case would go to the Players' Status Committee, of which he is the vice-president of the Spanish Federation Juan Padrón. In case of disagreement, the case would end in the Dispute Resolution Chamber, which could not make a decision before they play the World Cup in Brazil, thus blocking the view of the player in the tournament, which is what really intended Brazil.On October 3, Diego Costa ate with Spanish coach, Vicente Del Bosque, and Jorge Perez, secretary general of the FEF, and told both his intention to play with Spain. The Federation will meet with the player this week.

The football game for console " FIFA 16" Easports is one of the most popular video games in the world, in fact, every day millions of people every day sifidano with teams of virtual football. We must say that when players do not master the joypad, virtual field you experience strange encounters.SEX ON THE FIELD? - On the internet there is in fact a sequence of play that is depopulated, in which a player and a goalkeeper are unusually close to each other. Sex on the field? asked for clarification from the headquarters of Easports of Cologne: “This is not a programming error - the spokesman said - but it is to make the game as Buy Fifa 16 Coins  realistic as possible."