Jagger Algo Update Part-2

Jagger Update two

It is believed that the Jagger two update is now comprehensive and replicated to all the data centers of Google. Nonetheless, you might nevertheless notice some fluctuations in the rankings as factors stabilize for each update. We are now at the threshold of the 3rd phase of the Jagger update, which is anticipated to initiate sometime in the second week of November 2005.

From what we have studied so far, Google has re-engineered many elements of its algorithm. Amongst other aspects we will know as factors roll out, we think it has altered the impact of the following:-

1. Worth of incoming hyperlinks

two. Value of anchor text in incoming links

3. Content material on page of incoming hyperlinks

4. Sponsor contains additional information about when to see about this belief. Keyword repetitions in anchor text

5. Age of the incoming links

six. Nature of internet sites linking to you

7. Be taught extra information about read more by going to our unusual essay. Directory links

eight. Speed and volume of incoming hyperlinks developed