Danzhou Bureau of Justice added a brand new LED show help legal advocacy function

 This year is ending the "Plan" Franco-Prussian preparing for the implementation on the "Plan" Franco-Prussian arranging, and further integration of social resources, revolutionary forms of legal education as well as the support, the full Danzhou "Plan" legal education outcomes, lately Danzhou Municipal Bureau of Justice in office lobby installed a high-definition full-color LED electronic display, to civil servants along with the masses to carry out legal know-how publicity, roll play with people's each day lives, and attracted many organs staff and to act within the masses gathered to watch, received good publicity.


The LED electronic show higher 2.4 m, width 1.25 m, may be divided into 3 sections whilst scrolling various promotional content material. Danzhou Bureau of Justice chose electronic show as the Franco-Prussian new carriers due to the fact electronic display is set photonics technology, video and microelectronics technology as a single of modern day science and technology products, with all the digital age efficient, repeat and also other communication concept, with conventional media incomparable advantages, the ability to dynamically show numbers, text, graphics, pictures, sounds, you are able to scroll to broadcast quite a few promotional content material, and content loading, uncomplicated to update.


LED electronic show and put into use, to broaden the Danzhou legal publicity channels, innovation inside the kind of publicity. By LED electronic platform, Monday to Friday functioning hours uninterrupted scrolling, to update broadcast content, we can legal publicity content a lot more vivid, extra vivid, much more three-dimensional to show in front on the masses, have attracted the government for practically 1,000 individuals each day personnel and the masses come to perform stopped to watch, to accept the influence of legal know-how, has come to be the city government workplace creating lobby touch of gorgeous landscape.


The usage of electronic show carried out the law publicity and education activities, with power saving and environmental protection, new types, rich in content, sturdy infection, attain higher, wide audience, superior audio and visual effects as well as other traits, can the legal method to promote its content far more vivid, far more vivid, extra three-dimensional to show in front of the masses, towards the spread from the rule of law culture, respect for all citizens and establish law and abide by the law, preserve great habits of law, boost the cadres plus the masses to participate in the legal technique of initiative and creativity will play an active role in guiding.


Bureau of Justice considering the fact that late July start out LED electronic display carried out the legal publicity activities, it has accumulated greater than 20 days to play, educational cadres plus the masses more than 20,000 people today. Its contents consist of: "the Constitution", "Criminal Law", "Public Security Administration Punishment Law," "Land Contract Law", "Narcotics Law," "People's Mediation Law," "Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency Act," "Road Traffic Safety Law "" Petition Regulations ", Danzhou carry out the outstanding difficulties plus the city's social safety regulation Tekken" Program "legal perform practices and also the efficiency of the administration of justice, showing the picture covers" send France to the countryside ", legal advice, legal market place , legal seminars, lawyers liberating, by Case, a variety of various scenarios Prussian dynamic legal comics, the rule of law art show, in order that legal understanding is additional vivid, more vivid and more three-dimensional to show in front of folks, to expand the coverage of public education and recognized face, to boost the people's legal awareness and guide the individuals to safeguard their reputable rights and interests through legal means, according to the law within the entire society, failing to seek out a method to resolve the issue usage, the rule of law to resolve conflicts by fantastic atmosphere of law, by the cadres and the masses praise. "This by illustrations, audio-visual and taste, visually vivid publicity within the kind in the rule of law, the cadres as well as the masses is extremely convincing and attractive." A profound understanding of government office workers say.