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3. Results and discussion
3.1. Phase equilibria at 973K
Phase equilibria of the Ge–Ni–Ti ternary system at 973 K were studied covering the entire composition range. The constituent phases in the annealed alloys are summarized in Table 2.
Table 2.
Microstructure of the Ti-rich alloy A1, annealed at 973 K, was illustrated in Fig. 2(a). With EPMA-WDS analysis, it Valdecoxib is seen that alloy A1 consists of bright GeNiTi, black Ge3Ti5 and a gray phase with composition of Ge9.1Ni48.1Ti42.8, while alloy A2 contains NiTi, Ge3Ti5 and an unknown phase whose composition is Ge7.9Ni49.6Ti42.5. The phases, Ge9.1Ni48.1Ti42.8 in alloy A1 and Ge7.9Ni49.6Ti42.5 in alloy A2, show nearly the same composition, so somatic senses were regarded as the same phase (named τ1 here after). In order to confirm the existence of τ1, X-ray diffraction was performed for the alloy A1. It can be seen in Fig. 2(b) that, besides the characteristic peaks of Ge3Ti5 and GeNiTi, some peaks are remained unidentified. These residual peaks must belong to the phase τ1. Determination of crystallographic parameter and complete XRD pattern of the new phase τ1 is in progress.