High level Search Engine Optimization - The Characteristics Of The Great Incoming Link

Key-word phrase in point text

Unless you put your keyword in the anchor text (the text that describes the web site being associated with), you're losing lots of link power. However lots of people don't know th...

What's a quality incoming link? This article describes the important features of the excellent link. For one more interpretation, consider having a gaze at: home page. For explanation purposes, the sample company is just a shoe merchant called Fred's Sports, and the keyword phrase being enhanced for is 'orange Nike sneakers.'

Key term expression in text

Unless you set your keyword in the text (the text that describes the web page being linked to), you are losing a great deal of link power. Regrettably lots of people do not know this an end up putting their company name in the link text instead of the keyword they want their company to be found by. Definitely better they link point says 'blue Nike shoes' than 'Fred's Sports Store.'

The hyperlink is from the relevant site

Google and the Google-powered search lovers find significance in the interconnectedness of webpages. Incoming links should be from pages where the content on that page is related to the content of the page that's being associated with. A fishing relevant page linking to a casino site is an example of the non-related link. A jogging related page linking into a blue Nike shoes product page is related and is looked at favourably by the search engines.