Find An Alternative Family Adventure In Egypt And Jordan Tours

Find An Alternative Family Adventure In Egypt And Jordan Tours

Egypt and Jordan Tours will give you days of fully packed activities on touring on different sites in Egypt and Jordan. Being adjacent to each other, there is a long history of bond and fraternity to the whole place.


On your Egypt and Jordan Tour, you will first start on visiting places in Egypt. The great pyramids of Egypt are your first stop. To make your second day much brighter, get to see the Egyptian Museum and the Cairo Citadel. Locations that show the great Egyptian heritage.


Once you are on your fourth to the fifth day on your tour, it will progress to experience on of the great temples in Egypt, Luxor. Other temple within the vicinity are the Karnak Temples and the Temple of Hatshepsut. These are all experienced before visit the Moses mountain and St. Catherine's Monastery. You will then spend a day on Petra visiting the ancient rose red city, the Royal Tombs, Street of Facades, and Pharaoh's Castle before you will go to Amman, the capital of Jordan. The Roman Amphitheather is one of the best sites to visit in Egypt and Jordan Tour, together with the King Abdullah's mosque. Here you will find the Archeological and Folklore Museum where great artifacts are kept.


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Our Egypt and Jordan tours combine the best of two beautiful and ancient countries in one trip. Throughout history, Egypt’s vast array of breath-taking monuments has proved an appealing portray to travelers from all over the world. Jordan's treasures are different, and newer to the world's tourists, but equally impressive and interesting in their own right. These Egypt and Jordan tours take you on a journey back in time to some of the most amazing sites of the ancient world and will leave you with memories you will treasure for a lifetime.


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