After blowing the brazilian front lace wig and shortly start oil the way to do?


Q: i have simply finished washing the brazilian front lace wig blowing cool supple, but lengthy before they began to combat the oil lock up? is a good brazilian hair shop.

A: we've a sensible hints to teach you, so you do not should spend money to purchase what products could make a clean feeling remaining longer. the name of the game weapon is your kind used inside the face of oil manage lotion! After every finished first, with cotton dipped in the right amount of toner sign in scalp and brazilian front lace wig root. Toner can be based at the identical token, the water and oil balance of the scalp and scalp oil manage. additionally, if you can purchase witch hazel extract, the 2 to 3 drops of extract drops on a cotton pad, then wipe the scalp, the effect could be higher.brazilian remy hair is very good.