The Future Of Interactive Post Cards - We Require an App for That

The other day, I was talking to an innovative entrepreneur which had licensed some of that new technologies which allows for brief video sequences in actual paper magazines. If you haven't seen them, they are quite distinctive and cool. It's as if the paper comes alive and it plays a fast 10 second video. If you haven't seen this, why not go onto YouTube and look up this new technologies to see a demonstration of how it all works. Now then, it seems to me that this technologies might be very great for interactive postcards.

Yes, the postcards would price much more when they had been sold, maybe $.50 much more, but they would tell a unique story. Especially if they were personalized, for instance, if you were on holiday you could take a fast video from your iPhone of you walking across a specific landmark, and then download that file into a postcard printing machine which would print it on the spot. This could be a entire new kiosk type business, perhaps a franchise, or maybe some thing sold to particular retailers in tourist locations.

An additional believed along this line came to my thoughts while I was brainstorming on this topic would be to send a postcard, a normal postcard which had an iPhone barcode which would permit your relatives that you sent a postcard to, to click on that and go to a website which would have a fast video of you at that location which represented the postcard. This could be done a quantity of ways, and you as the tourist could take the image on your smart phone, download it to the web site, and push the postcard through to print that barcode onto the back.

Following all, a postcard is a fantastic way to say that you've been someplace, but if your family members members and friends can really see you there enjoying yourselves, then that postcard comes to life, that would make it 10 times much better. This is why I say we need a future interactive postcard technique, and we require an app for that for all of us high-tech wizards who want to show the world that we have been there, and done that. If you'd like to discuss this with our believe tank at a a lot higher level, I do hope you will please send me an e-mail.

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Yes, this technology requirements some more mental horsepower to define and refine the concept, but I'm sure if we build it, individuals will buy it, and the new age of interactive postcards will be ushered in with great delight from travelers each near and far. Please think about all this and believe on it.