Points to Ponder When Thinking About Replacing the Propeller on the Family Boat

Having a boat moored at the lake makes it easy to get away and enjoy some quiet time. Things are even better when the boat propellor is in good shape and makes it easier to motor around the lake with ease. If the propeller is beginning to show signs of age, it pays to spend a little money and replace it. Here are a few things to keep in mind when evaluating any possible replacement.

Size Matters

Just as pleasure boats come in different sizes, the same is true for propellers. There is no point in looking at any Boat Prop unless it is large enough to work efficiently. Keep in mind that the goal is to choose a replacement that is the ideal size. While one that is a little large may not cause the problems that going with a small propeller would generate, it will still have an adverse effect on the performance of the boat.

When in doubt, check with the boat manufacturer. Chances are that the company which made the boat will have guidelines related to the range of propeller sizes that will work.

The Propeller Style

When looking around for a replacement, the boat owner may be surprised to learn there are several styles that will fit the boat nicely. Consider the merits of going with a four blade design rather than a propeller equipped with three blades. Depending on how the boat is used, that extra blade could be the best choice.

Do not overlook the importance of the blade curve that is part of the design. Since the idea is to move the boat efficiently with the lowest output of energy, the right shape or curve to the blades will make a difference. Depending on how weather conditions change on the lake, it would not hurt to think about the idea of a Boat Prop with interchangeable blades.


Along with size and style, consider the materials used to make the propeller. Aluminum and stainless steel are two of the more common options. Both will hold up well, something that the boat owner wants to keep in mind. There are also some advantages associated with composite boat propellers which make them worth exploring. Remember that while there is some difference in cost with each of these selections, the main focus is to invest in a propeller that is efficient and will hold up well over the years.

Remember that boat owners who have never had to deal with this type of purchase do not have to go it alone. Get help from an expert and take the time to consider all viable alternatives. In the long run, the owner will be happier with the new propeller in terms of price, durability, and general performance.