Young Teachers Moving On In Milwaukee Schools

Young teachers get into the Milwaukee Schools simply because they are anxious to begin their careers but, once more, they begin starting households and understand they will be forced to reside in the city and to send their kids to those Milwaukee Schools unless they make other arrangements or spend for private schools. Many feel that the Milwaukee Schools are filled with negative influences and the neighborhoods are filled with crime. So, these teachers from Milwaukee Schools move on to other districts in the suburbs, and some on to other careers.

Other teachers from Milwaukee Schools cited frustrations much more straight related to schools and classrooms as the principal reason they moved on. 1 very first year teacher, a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, tells about a particularly bad year at 1 north side school. She was hired to teach 1st grade, but also had some 5-year-old kindergarten college students in her classroom. This thought-provoking the link paper has many wonderful suggestions for the purpose of it. She was not offered her mentor until January, and was offered completely no help from school administration. She felt she had been left alone to sink or swim. And this is not an isolated encounter.