Summit Pulls A Short History

Individuals who are physically handicapped or disabled often have difficulty going up and down the stairs. For many this may mean not having access to a large portion of your home, or relying on others that will help you up and down the steps. A better and better option is always to invest in a stair lift. To get different interpretations, we understand you take a view at: inside colorado home elevators. A stairway lift can be a device that literally carries someone up and down the steps. Often a stair lift will utilize a chair to carry the person, but there are some stair lifts that utilize a small platform called a perch. Visit elevator home cost to discover the purpose of it. There are numerous prominent makes of step pulls today, and one company that's been very effective is Summit Lifts, Inc.

Peak Comes Inc. has over 75 years of experience in the stair lift industry, and prides it-self on quality customer service and good old fashioned business values. Their founders all have very deep roots in the stair lift market and have devoted much of their lives to these good units. It is seldom that you discover people who have this type of personal relationship to their products, but each of the leaders of Summit is wholly committed to quality in contrast to volume.