Journey of man from impotent to potent

Journey of man from impotent to potent

Getting thoughts of sex or lovemaking in mind entire day is the sign of growing age and it is one of the commonly observed signals of being an adult. But there are many habits that prevent men from achieving what they imagine all day. When they get into bed they face consequence of their bad habits such as over eating, obesity, high alcohol and working stress makes impossible for man to gain strong erection. This is not just a one night thing it is a serious disorder known as erectile dysfunction or Impotence. When man suffers from this disease it becomes difficult for him to achieve erection or sustain it for long time till ejaculation.


This leads to frustration, embarrassment, getting uneasy with partner and one may face serious consequences because of this such as divorce, stepping out of partner from bed. Actually this issue happens with men over age of 60 but our fancy lifestyle brings that age group closer to age group of 30-40. Looking deeply at this disease one may find perfect solution for this and actually it is not difficult for any men to get rid of it.


What goes wrong that prevents erection?

1)      Any causes mentioned above put stress on the arteries that makes it stiff

2)      If this issue persist for long time untreated leads to narrowing of arteries and stiffness become more hard

3)      Blood cannot be passed from such hardened arteries and that prevents blood to reach various body organs including penis

4)      Erection is nothing but deposition of extra blood into penis

5)      Thus man fails to achieve erection and fails to enjoy satisfied sexual activity


There is one medicine is already used by million and one can buy this and solve issue erection. Generic Viagra is the name of pill that makes you potent whenever you want to have sex with your partner. You can buy generic Viagra online via stores that saves good amount of money. Generic Viagra is much cheaper as it is a generic version of brand medication Viagra. This medicine is composed of sildenafil citrate and one can get same performance like brand pill using Generic Viagra.


One should keep doing regular exercise to make you fit from inside. Regular exercise helps arteries to get relaxed and also increases blood circulation which doubles the performance of Generic Viagra. So wait is over now and it is the right to enjoy sex with maximum orgasm.