The Question: Learn HTML, Or Make Use Of A WYSIWYG Editor

When I first began designing website pages back in 1997, it had been required for me to understand the HTML markup language. We learned about like us on facebook by searching Bing. At that particular time, there were some what you see is what you get editors, but everyone that design web pages comprehended how it worked and used raw HTML. Today, seven or eight years later, we discover that be market is flooded with publishers such as Dreamweaver that allow anybody to style web pages as quickly as they can develop a Microsoft Word document.

When I take some body under my wing, and start teach them about Online marketing, and creating web pages, the first thing that I tell them is that they need to understand the basics of HTML. While I recommend that they use Dreamweaver for many of their website designs, it is always helpful to be able to get into the code view and know very well what they're looking at. Additionally it helps whenever observing the source code of other people's webpages, to determine how they did something or another with their code. In the event that you did not understand at least the basic principles of HTML this could be nearly impossible.