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Red Lipstick on Pale Skin If you have white skin yourself and are wondering if red lips will look good on you, or you simply like Valentino UK Sale to admire the look, this article will inspire you.

In this hub we show you photos of celebrities with red lipstick on fair skin. You might find you want to try one of these looks Valentino UK Online yourself!

Rachel McAdams' (below) red lips on pale skin is graciously elegant. With her eye and cheek makeup being very light and delicate, her lips stand out yet do not look harsh. If you would like to copy her look, wear pastel makeup on most of your face, but coat those lips true red. We include a famous blonde, two brunettes, and a redhead to give you some makeup.

Hi there Sana, I agree with you. If I could have found photos of pale Hollywood celebrities wearing red lipstick that aren't this type I would have used them. Thanks for your perspective. SemiThere 3 years ago from Mississippi

I just love red lipsticks, especially with Valentino UK the retro "pin up" look that Dita Von Teese is wearing. It tends to be the look I go for when I don't want to spend a lot of time on my makeup. (Which is becoming more and more frequent lately) Love the hub!