Semagacestat Fig xA Variables measured during long term

Hydrogen production
Fig. 2. (A) Hydrogen flow rate (mL-H2 d−1) and volumetric hydrogen production – VHP (mL-H2 d−1 L−1reactor). (B) Volumetric hydrogen yield – Y1H2mL-H2Lsugarcanevinasse-1 and molar hydrogen yield – Y2H2mol-H2moltotalcarbohydrates-1 during the entire APBR operation.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
Table 1.
Data obtained from APBR operation at Semagacestat OLR of 84.2 kg-COD m3 d−1.Variables and parametersAverageMaximumpHa5.5–Total COD conversion (%)a31.346.3Soluble COD conversion (%) a19.246.3Total carbohydrates conversion (%)a7387.8Biogas composition (%)a38.771.1Molar hydrogen production rate (vH2vH2 – mmol-H2 d−1)a,b70.3154.9Hydrogen flow rate (Q1H2 – mL-H2 d−1)a,b1677.75252.6Volumetric hydrogen production - VHP mL-H2d-1Lreactor-1a,b761.72283.8Hydrogen yield (Y1H2-mL-H2Lvinasse-1)a,b12.728.1Hydrogen yield (Y2H2-mol-H2moltotalcarbohydrates-1)a,b1.63.7Hydrogen yield (Y3H2-mmol-H2g-1tCODconverted)a,b1.12.7Hydrogen yield (Y4H2-mmol-H2g-1sCODconverted)a,b3.29.6an = 24 samples.bStandard conditions of temperature and pressure (0 °C and 1 atm).Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV