Hide My Ass Review - What Is Hide My Ass?

Hide My Ass is a VPN provider with a funny name but that offers a very severe service. The service enables people to anonymize their Web traffic for security.

What Services Like Hide My Ass Do

Hide My Ass is 1 of many VPN providers that allow users to connect to Web sites via servers other than their own ISPs. You nonetheless use your ISP, of course, but any visitors going to the web site you want to go to appears to be coming from a different server completely. In the case of Hide My Ass, it might be coming from the server in any 1 of the 24 nations in which this provider has VPN servers situated.

Is this Illegal?

No. There is nothing illegal about using a VPN server. The concept behind the servers is not to accommodate individuals who want to conduct activities that are illegal. In fact, the point of these kinds of servers is to offer anonymity as a shield for people who are worried about getting their legitimate safety compromised on-line. This is an growing concern for numerous Internet users and has led to many various companies entering this field.

An Instance

Envision that you wanted to go to a server but you weren't exactly certain whether or not it was safe. For instance, you may be worried that there is some sort of identity theft or merely some sort of rather intrusive marketing being performed on the website and you want to make certain that whoever is running the website doesn't have access to your IP address. This is one of the reasons that individuals use VPN servers. Utilizing the servers, your request appears to come from a various IP than your own, which indicates that there is no way for the person who owns the site to figure out exactly where the request was actually produced from initial.

As a layer of extra safety, the solutions use protocols such as SSL and PPTP to make certain that no one can listen in on the visitors with a device such as a packet sniffer. If they had been to try, they would simply get a bunch of information that was totally unusable to them with out the encryption key, which is not communicated more than the connection.

Services such as Hide My Ass are popular with consumers. Whilst VPN networks have been in use for numerous years, they have been mostly used by businesses that had been worried about guarding client info or business secrets. These days, end-customers are discovering that the services are superb methods to make certain that they're not exposed unduly on the Web in terms of the info exchange or their identity. There are servers situated in so many nations that it's easy to make it seem as if the visitors is coming from any quantity of locations with the solutions.

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