Metal ndash Organic Frameworks MOFs are new categories

Prior to absorption, compound 1 was dried for 24 h at 50 °C and was kept in a desiccator. A stock solution of the desired aldehyde (10,000 ppm) was prepared by dissolving it in DMF. Different concentrations of the aldehyde solution (100 to 5000 ppm) were prepared by dilution of the stock solutions. The Mitoxantrone of the aldehyde on 1 took place in a liquid phase at atmospheric pressure under 120 rpm stirring. In all experiments, 50 mg of 1 as sorbent in 100 g of aldehyde solution in DMF were used. The concentration of the solutions after maximum absorption in the presence of 1 was determined by gas chromatography using the following equation [38]:equation(1)Qt=(C0−Ct)V/WQt=(C0−Ct)V/Wwhere Qt is the absorption capacity at exposure time t (mg/g), Ct is the concentration of the aldehydes at exposure time t (mg/L), V is the volume of the solution, W is the mass of 1 used in the experiments and t is exposure time. The aldehyde removal (RE (%)) was calculated for each run by Eq. (2):equation(2)RE(%)=(C0−Ce)/Co×100RE(%)=(C0−Ce)/Co×100