Exastros football

Exastros football, Diego Maradona as Argentine or Brazilian Romario, criticized Wednesday in Sao Paulo to FIFA, CONMEBOL and organization of the World Cup Brazil 2016, institutions in which, they said, there is corruption."I give a constant struggle for a moral in football, for better control of the World Cup. I never imagined that there was a corrupt institution that FIFA or the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation). But I managed to find it and its worse than we imagined, "said Romario, great critic of the local leadership of football.According Romario, CONMEBOL (South American Football Confederation) " Cheap Fifa 16 Coins  more corrupt” than the other two organizations, said as quoted by the newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo.

"I think it’s time that morality prevails in football," said the former player. "Our goal is to put everything clearly. And those who have (crimes) to pay, you go to jail, "he said, quoted in other statements by the Brazilian press."It is necessary that the players were already helping to change that," he said Romario, who has repeatedly called for the resignation of the president of the CBF, Jose Maria Marin, who in turn has complained about " slander " by Romario da Souza Faria.Romario also criticized FIFA and the World Cup -2016 organization that will be played in Brazil.Meanwhile Maradona and railed to Conmebol, lashed out against the president of the Argentine Football Association (AFA ), Julio Grondona, according to him, afraid the other clubs in the country and not allowed to participate in the renewal pictures.

“It’s a shame because we live in a dictatorship of a mobster as Grondona, who does not let any club rebel. Argentine leaders they fucked (fear), "he said.Maradona and Romario also participated in the meeting on Wednesday the Argentine Oscar Ruggeri and Paraguayan José Luis Chilavert, exarquero and captain of the national team and the Uruguayan Enzo Francescoli.There were also representatives from a dozen clubs in the region to Pe?arol of Uruguay, Caracas FC of   Buy Fifa 16 Coins Venezuela, Freedom of Paraguay and Ecuador's Liga Deportiva Universitaria, among others.