Finally using the fitting results and the

4. Conclusions
Summarizing, new hybrid layered compounds, namely MMT host matrix intercalated with three different magnetic compounds has been prepared and characterized by several techniques. The increase of the host matrix interlamellar distance from 5.29 Å up to 8.48 Å shows a successful intercalation of the guest BI-D1870 maintaining, in the same time, the layered structure. Additionally, the magnetic properties were successfully preserved during the intercalation process, showing that the approach employed in Pleistocene work is an effective route to obtain hybrid materials with original properties.
AcknowledgmentsWe acknowledge the financial support given by CNPq, CAPES and FAPERJ. M.A. and L.A.M. thanks CNPq (420651/2013-6) and FAPESP (2012/23880-3) for the financial support, respectively. The authors also acknowledge the LDRX-UFF for the use of crystallographic facilities and PEMM/COPPE/UFRJ and Embrapa Instrumentação for the SEM images. We also thank Prof. Miguel A. Novak from IF-UFRJ for the magnetic measurements.