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Table 3.
We were able to prepare samples of Y2Co1−yCayGe4O12 for y=0.25, 0.5; attempts to prepare samples with 0.5<y<1.0 did not result in monophasic reaction products. The parameters derived from our X-ray diffraction and magnetometry studies of these two compositions are presented in Table 4. The X-ray data were analysed using Zubkov?s model with an ordered oxide sublattice. The bond lengths labelled Co–O1 and Co–O2 in Table 4 are the mean values of those around the 4f site that PTC-209 accommodates a disordered arrangement of cobalt, calcium and yttrium. The temperature dependence of the molar magnetic susceptibility is altitudinal gradient shown in Fig. S1.
Table 4.
Structural and magnetic parameters of Y2Co1−yCayGe4O12.y=0.25y=0.50a (Å)9.8807(1)9.9196(1)c (Å)4.96425(7)4.9992(1)µeff (µB) a6.01(4)5.99(9)θ (K) a−18.5(5)−18.4(10)Co–O1×22.479(8)2.481(8)Co–O2×42.154(6)2.170(6)aDerived by fitting χ−1(T) to the Curie–Weiss law.Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV