Fig xA X ray oscillation photographs of the crystals

Fig. 2. ED patterns taken for the b*–c* plane (in the [1 0 0] direction) (a), [1 0 1]–b* plane (b), [2 0 1]–b* plane (c), and a*–c* plane (d) of orthorhombic Ba0.99Eu0.01Al3Si4N9 (a=10.0 Å, b=53.3 Å, c=5.9 Å). The patterns of (a)–(c) were taken from a fragment, and the pattern of (d) was taken from another fragment. Diffraction spots from the upper layers APD668 superimposed on the pattern of a*–c* plane (d).Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
Fig. 3(a) shows an XRD oscillation photograph taken for a perennials grain from sample 1. Diffuse spots could be indexed with orthorhombic cell parameters: a=10.028(2) Å, b=53.353(9) Å, and c=5.9215(11) Å. Diffuse lines and streaks between the series of diffuse spots were observed in the b? direction similar to the case of the ED patterns ( Fig. 2(b and c)). These diffuse lines and streaks also indicated the presence of stacking faults in the b-axis direction.