One shortcoming of the new Galaxy Note 5 causes will rain down criticism of Samsung

In 2010, when Apple introduced the iPhone 4 a stir around the antenna equipment was armed. While the company had promoted the innovative antenna had the smartphone to transmit calls and Bluetooth separately, did not consider that many users would seize equipment from the vertices of the union of both antennas, which aroused criticism and the iPhone just lost signal .


These design flaws exist and affect consumers across brand or product, even if the companies do not admit it. Despite great efforts to develop the new and functional, all in the greatest secrecy, there are certain things that depend on the use in real life, something that simply can not be anticipated despite all the tests.

Samsung recently launched the Galaxy Note 5, the high-end smartphone giant screen with super high definition. This equipment line is characterized by including a stylus that helps users to draw freehand and take notes, but this version of the phone a defect causes customers to break the computer without even realizing it. Why? What is it about?