LED show water analytic treatment and precautions


 Not too long ago most of the nation was hit by torrential rain causing many LED business enterprise warehouse water, resulting within a LED show screen physique water; for such situations continue to frequent, in particular in this as we now explain in detail encountered such a predicament The correct method:


1, together with the quickest speed with the fan or other tools, the water in the LED show screen physique is absolutely dry. (vms)


two, will be completely dry right after the physique from the screen is energized aging, concrete measures are as follows:


a, the brightness (white) was adjusted to 10%, energy aging 8-12 hours.


b, the brightness (white) was adjusted to 30%, electricity 12 hours aging.


c, the brightness (white) was adjusted to 60%, energy aging 12-24 hours.


d, the brightness (white) was adjusted to 80%, power aging 12-24 hours.


e, the brightness (white) adjusted to 100%, power aging 8-12 hours.


Completion from the above steps, LED Display Screen will fundamentally returned to standard; but inside the procedure also need to note the following:


1, located the water or warehouse LED Show Screen water, they need to make their emergency therapy, usually do not delay.


2, the organizers with the water from the LED show screen body is drying approach.


three, do not have water inside the LED Show Screen into the air box, so it can be quick to broken LED lamp stuffy.


4, inside the warehouse water, air box, there might be water, it should be exposure of all air box to stop evaporation of water in the enclosure case in the LED display screen.


5, each of the water inside the LED show just isn't promptly treated a lot more or less probably to have an effect on the stability of your screen physique, inside the course of emergency treatment, could take place after the screen constantly energized dead light phenomenon, please spend attention towards the boss Observed.