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Tesla Valentino Shoes Sale Motors Is A Quality Long Play

Someone once told me that just because a company innovates enough to completely change an entire industry, that does not mean that it will reap the financial benefits of this innovation. These days this could not be more true. What matters most is not how much innovation a product brings, but how it is presented, its simplicity, its package, and the branding behind it. Valentino UK Look at Apple for example: nearly all of the technologies that they use have been used before, but it is the way they combine these technologies and present them that makes the difference.

Now that that over with, let talk about Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) and why the risks that come with investing in this innovative company are not all that significant. Let first look at some of the major risks at play:

Batterypowered cars are not and will never be suitable for the US and global market. This has been repeated over and over again all over the news and blogs that talk about electric cars, and to be honest, it has a high chance of being true. For example, see:Seeking Alpha article. If you think about what I said in the beginning of my blog post, things shape up to look like this: Tesla is a disruptor and a heavy innovator in the automotive industry, but that does not guarantee it financial success. However, that is not all that Tesla has become. It has presented its products with a simplicity, beauty, design, and branding that I believe can line up with the best (let say Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)). A Ford EV is still a Ford, Valentino Shoes and as long as it is expensive and impractical it will never sell well. However, a Tesla EV is a Tesla. It could not have been a gaspowered car, it only exists in electric. Carrying the Tesla brand is like carrying a package of innovation, intelligence, environmentalism, performance, and luxury. The Tesla does not have to be the cheapest and most practical car. It is a luxury good, one which will sell into a niche market that undeniably exists. I mean, when someone buys a Lambo or a Ferrari, practicality and costefficiency rarely plays a factor I believe that Tesla vehicles will be seen similarly by enough customers to make it very successful. Larger competitors, such as Ford, GM, Toyota, and Honda (NYSE:HMC), could use their scale to strangle Tesla. First of all, Toyota has made a deal with Tesla to use its technology in its future EVs. But that is not even that significant. The idea that large carmakers will be able to sell huge amounts of EVs anytime soon is crazy it will never happen. Until electric cars go down in price significantly because of new battery technologies, and