Should you use a Metal Roof?

Should you use a Metal Roof?

Picking the roofing you want is really a difficult decision because there are so many options out there. Most people choose to go with asphalt over metal, but why is this? Metal is clearly a stronger choice, but asphalt costs much less. But, is a metal roof right for you?


Are you looking for your home or business?


Most people stay in a home for an average of 13 years, according to the Star Tribune. So, for your home, the longevity of a roofing product may not matter that much. The average shingles roof lasts only around 20 years, but a longer-lasting metal roof costs twice as much money. If you don’t plan to stay long in your home, or even if you plan to stay a couple years longer than average, it is certainly not going to be worth the cost to get a metal roof. A business, however, will use the space for quite a long time. Even if businesses come and go, the building will still stand for a long time, and in theory, your business will stay in there too. A metal roof will certainly be worth the cost.


What about weather?


When you deal with winter weather every winter, a metal roof is the right choice. It helps prevent large icicles from dropping off the roof, which can be a dangerous hazard, and it helps keep your home warmer by protecting cool air from seeping through the roof. It also will help in the summertime by keeping your home cooler. It can also protect your home from hail damage and the need to replace your roof sooner.


Is the cost really worth it?


The cost of metal roofing is very high compared to your average shingles roof, and even though there are many advantages to buying it, it is probably not worth it for the average American. In general, you can expect to move too quickly for the metal roof to really pay off, and unless you own a business, there’s no need to spend the extra money.


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