CM400HA-12H Mitsubishi IGBT Power Transistor Module

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CM400HA-12H is a perfect choice to upgrade your laser power supplies’ capacity. It’s a single IGBT power transistor module, which weighs a light weight of 0.88 lbs. It has a collector current amount of 400A and a 600V collector emitter.


CM400HA-12H is manufactured by Mitsubishi, a popular firm in producing top power transistor modules that are well-designed to suit in today’s advanced technological applications. These applications include not just laser power supplies, but also AC Motor Control, Motion/Servo Control, UPS, Welding Power Supplies.


Mitsubishi CM400HA-12H can guarantee your laser power supplies to function well not just for a few days, but also in the long haul. Being cost-effective, durable, and highly efficient, no doubt why this Mitsubishi IGBT module has become one of the most recommended IGBT modules today!