Four Hawaiin Gifts to Send to Friends and Family

Countless people search for the perfect gift to give their friends and family. Many often struggle to find something that meets every individuals tastes, and instead opt for something generic and plain. tropical flowering plants are a unique choice for presents because they are exotic and something completely different than expected. There are four types of Hawaiian gifts to send to friends and family.

Hawaiian Flowers

A Hawaiian flower shop is an ideal source for gift ideas. Not only do they offer various baskets and gift options, but they also provide beautiful tropical flowers that can not be found in the U.S. Hawaiian flowers can be ordered from a shop and delivered via FedEx within just a couple of days. Ginger flowers are one of the most common arrangements, along with Heliconia and Birds of Paradise.

Flower Leis

A lei is part of Hawaiian culture. Offering this gift is to give something of beauty and meaning. Most leis are made from fresh flowers, although there is another alternative. A Kukui nut lei is also available, and offers a unique design that many will enjoy. Brown or black nuts can be chosen.

Gift Basket

A gift basket made from a Hawaiian shop is far different than an average gift basket made in the U.S. Many of the baskets include kona coffee beans, a staple of Hawaiian culture and economy. A food basket is also available, containing dried mango slices and an assortment of macadamia nut-related products, such as cookies, chews, brittle, and candies. There are also spa and stress relief baskets that possess Hawaiian Rain Forest flower essence formulas.


Rather than purchasing expensive jewelry from the mainland, a piece of Hawaiian jewelry makes a unique alternative. A pendant necklace is one of the most popular choices, with a wood tile that can be painted with an assortment of designs. There is even a cell phone charm that can be made, which feature smaller designs found on the pendants.

Hawaiian flowers and other specialties from the Aloha state make unique gift ideas. Rather than searching for the same generic items year after year, the following birthday or holiday should include a special gift that comes straight from Hawaii. It will be a nice change from the average gifts received, and show that a lot of thought and effort was put into the gift-buying decision. Gift-givers can send flowers from Hawaii and provide a special gift that no one else will have.