Interesting Facts About Pukhraj Yellow Sapphire Stone

Considered to be one of the exquisite gemstones, following to diamonds, the yellow sapphire may reign supreme among a number of gemstones available. Also known as Pukhraj, this unique gemstone has a number of beneficial qualities for which it really is widely and popularly utilized by most of the people.

Yellow sapphire is well-known for its unique healing properties apart from being referred to as a lucky stone which really helps to improve financial status. It can be worn by people of all star signs as it is quiet safe and does not have any ill effects. It has a rich citron color and can be soft in texture.

Yellow Sapphire-Bold Fashion Statement

The Pukhraj stone can be a symbolic representation of planet Jupiter which is known as to be the planet of excesses. Compared to the other planets, Jupiter is tremendous and so it is considered to be the epitome of wealth, success, luck, hadiah ulang tahun untuk pacar, kado ulang tahun untuk pacar health, concentration, honour and fame.

The yellow sapphire includes a huge significance among innumerable gemstones. It had been thought to possess unique properties to ward off evil spirits. However, nowadays, it is popular for its exemplary health advantages. The stone is known to strengthen the disease fighting capability of the body. It also improves the bloodstream circulation and escalates the function of liver and pancreas.

Yellow sapphire is known to improve focus and helps in achieving academic success. It can be worn by and experts striving to achieve professional success. The Pukhraj is worn on the index finger of the right hand and is usually worn on Thursdays to realize its superlative benefits.

This exquisite gemstone can be found in many countries which includes Srilanka, Tanzania and Madagascar, although Srilankan yellow sapphire is considered to be the the majority of prominent and distinguished gemstone.

Pukhraj is also worn for its numerous health advantages including stomach ailments. Though it can be worn by folks of all sun signs it really is particularly good for those in the month of September.

Tips To Choose Authentic Yellow Sapphire Stones

Identifying authentic Pukhraj stones is not a difficult task in the event that you know exactly what to consider. The initial sapphire stones are lemony in color and should have a symmetrical cut. It is also important to buy unheated Pukhraj stones as it loses its unique qualities when heated.

The authentic yellowish sapphire stones should be spotless and without any blemishes. It is vital never to choose stones with cracks and lines. The cut and clarity of the gemstone is equally important while buying Pukhraj stones.

Though sapphires are available in different colors such as red, blue and green, the yellow-colored colored sapphire stones are considered the most auspicious and incomparable. It could be worn as rings and is known as a unique gift. Most of these gemstones have their names tagged on them which clarify its origin. Among them, the Srilankan Pukhraj stones are known for its eminent virtues.

The Pukhraj stone can also be bought from authentic sellers and manufacturers listed in the online directories at attractive price rates.