How To Store And Find Information On Your Computer


I'm a stay at home mother with a home party plan company. I actually do a great deal of education through emails.

My question and dilemma is this, when I get an email I 'move' it to a file in my email account. Will there be ways to save yourself that folder and its contents to my computer and burn that information onto a c-d or just have as a folder on my desktop?

I reference this information often and would like access to it quickly and easily.

Thanks to your support and all...

Expensive Computer Lady,

I'm a stay at home mom with a home party program company. I do a great deal of training through emails.

My question and problem is this, when I receive an email I 'move' it to your file within my email account. Can there be ways to save your self that folder and its contents to my computer and burn off that information onto a cd or just have like a folder on my desktop?

I make reference to these details often and want usage of it quickly and easily.

Thanks for your help and all of your good messages, Jacqueline in Reno, NV

Beloved Jacqueline,

Going e-mail messages in and from your e-mail system is more concerned than it would seem. Browsing To perhaps provides suggestions you should use with your brother. This is because each concept is contained in one larger file that the e-mail system keeps. It does become a separate file, when you move a message to your desk-top, but you still must have your e-mail program open to use the file, and getting that message back to your e-mail program is not as easy as getting it out.

I've experimented with saving messages over the years and have done from saving each one as a text file, to creating considerable versions in my email program.

Since you desire to have the information readily available on your desktop, and you said that you have a lot of information, I would suggest that you use a pro-gram that would not only allow you to quickly organize your information, but also includes a great search func-tion for those instances when you can not recall where you saved that bit of information that you need. We discovered discount by searching Google.

I take advantage of an excellent pro-gram called 'Treepad Business Edition' for my information storage. I have one record that I store articles for this publication in, and another that I use for education data and responses to questions that my downline ask me. I also keep yet another file with information from purchases so I can easily return and find statements from purchases.

Treepad Business Edition allows me to organize my data in a directory (or tree) structure much like the method that you may organize folders in your e-mail system. If you think anything at all, you will likely desire to read about try The one difference between your two is the fact that I've never lost a Treepad record because of corruption, although it is rather common to lose your e-mail file due to a damaged or virus infected e-mail message. It's easy-to create files and subfolders in Treepad, and you can simply drag an article from one spot to yet another within the plan. To read additional information, you may have a view at: discussion.

Treepad includes a good research func-tion that helps me find precisely what I am seeking, when I know I've data in the program, but can not remember where I put it.

Provide a try to this system and let me understand what you believe. Download a free one month test utilizing the link below.