What Microsoft Excel Training Covers

How good are you with numbers? Much of your overall productivity at the workplace will be determined by how well you can analyze statistics, manage data and make accurate reports on what you find about the market or your company’s customer habits for example. Despite the kind of business or industry you are in, playing with numbers and becoming adept at understanding what the numbers mean will put you at the top of your game. But such a skill is not developed through magic; you have to enroll for Microsoft Excel Training.

Microsoft Excel is a powerful spreadsheet application that enables you to learn smart ways of utilizing data and in the process makes your work easier. Training in Microsoft excel equips you with quite a number of skills such as creating pivot tables, cell formatting and writing what-if equations. What’s more, through Microsoft excel training you will learn how you can visually represent data you’ve collected and translate them in form of charts and graphs simple enough for any layman to understand.


Three Categories of MET

Microsoft excel training is very broad and therefore, it has been broken down into three main categories: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. If you’ve never had any kind of excel training, you will have to start at the beginner level. Beginner modules teach basic math, creating charts and spreadsheets, how to work in excel online and using the autofill excel feature.

Intermediate modules focus more on Excel 2013 covering lessons on conditional formatting, fuctions such as VLOOKUP, headers and footers plus sorting and filtering. For people who have already passed the intermediate level, advanced courses are offered which cover topics like pivot tables, advanced IF functions and workbook protection.

Learning Methods

The best way to learn Microsoft excel training is to find an institution that offers the course and sign up for it. It is important however, that you first research the methods of learning which the particular school you have chosen offers. If you are the type of student who would like to attend class sessions, you have to find out if the institution has expert instructors who can guarantee you of quality training in Microsoft Excel. Do they provide you with free study materials or do the materials come at an extra fee? This is yet another thing you’ll want to clarify.

For students who may not have the time to go for classroom sessions, its good to inquire the policy of the institution you have chosen regarding part-time learning. Moreover, the best institutions are usually those who can supplement classroom sessions with short easy to understand videos and step-by-step tutorials that you can use to study at home.