Metis is deemed to be one of the anchor bolt manufacturers

Anchor bolt means a rod that transfers the structures or geotechnical load to a stable rock formations, it consists of rod, drill bit, coupling, plate, grouting stopper and nut. It has been widely used in tunnling, mining, slope stabilization, tunneldiseases treatment and roof supporting of undergroundworks. It is for loose ground(clay, sand friable etc.) Hollow anchor rod is made of seamless tube with high strength.

Metis has now developed into one of the leading specialty anchor bolt manufacturers for the industry in China in terms of excellence of customer service, expert technical knowledge and supplier of quality products. As commitment to our customers' satisfaction, we are able to tailor supply packages and deliver the level of service and support to match your project or ongoing requirements. Therefore, our strength is our customer focus and industry experience.

More than 1 year of experience have helped us in creating a niche in the market. We make sure that our products are developed from grade raw materials and highly effective technology. Plus, we also oversee that our products are properly tested on stringent quality parameters which are highly necessary to guarantee product quality and optimum usage. We also offer highly competitive prices.

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