Three Reasons Why The United States is Leaning Towards Single-Serve Coffee Brewers

Nearly a third of Americans now use single cup coffee pods as their sole source of coffee for the day. It is a better alternative to drinking a traditional drip roast coffee as well as going to the coffee shop in the morning. Why are American steering towards this relatively new and arguably revolutionary new innovation?

The Cost of Starbucks

Starbucks is seeing their sales figures drop, albeit just a little bit. Perhaps families are realizing that a $6 cup of coffee every morning (and sometimes the afternoon) is impractical. The cost of coffee in the service environment is astounding. A single brewer may cost $75 to $400 realistically. Each cup of coffee may use about $1 in a roast. The cost difference is impressive, and it is forcing more consumers to consider a quick at-home roast.

The Health Craze and “Cutting Back”

It seems that finally the fever pitch of obesity and bad eating is hitting the United States in a big way, and it is about time. Everyone seems to be talking about cutting back their fat intake, reshaping their diets and, yes, even drinking less coffee. The effects of too much coffee are well studied. coffee beans for sale even admits to drinking coffee in moderation because it is healthy and responsible. This has naturally brought a whole new appreciation for single-serve brewers at coffeepodking. A drip coffee maker typically supplies four cups of coffee depending on variance and size. An American worker looking to cut back is wasting a lot of coffee. They are even being encouraged to just drink more because they have it prepared. The health craze is refocusing this standard.

Unique Brews and Changing It Up

A large pot of coffee has one single flavor. It can be drab. Some coffee drinkers may save that brew from the morning for their evening cup of coffee, but the point stands. It can get a little boring. The single serve brewing option offers coffee drinkers the opportunity to change it up from one drink to the next. They can make a quick cup for themselves, and offer a different flavor to a guest.

Explore the huge product range at coffeepodking. Single serve brews are easier, more respectful of health and maintaining a logical coffee intake, and generally saving money from those glorified cups at the shop. Right from home, unique flavors and modest quantities can be obtained every morning.