Lawyer Files Xarelto Class Action Alleging Bleeding Risk After Being Discovered

What To Do Following A Tooth Extraction? All anti-coagulants can cause bleeding or hemorrhaging, like Pradaxa, but other folks have antidotes that can reverse the effects of the drug. Numerous research have discovered that there are increased bleeding risks in Xarelto users, and several FDA Adverse Event Reports state that there have been circumstances of severe bleeding and even death. The FDA issued its most significant warning, known as a black box warning,” warning that those who abruptly quit taking Xarelto and do not replace it with yet another blood thinning medication are at an elevated threat of stroke. Patients who believe they have been harmed by Xarelto side effects can elect to file a lawsuit against J&J. Xarelto use was expanded in November 2011 to lessen stroke and blood clot risks in individuals with atrial fibrillation (irregular heart rhythms). A Florida woman filed a Xarelto side effects lawsuit in June that alleges her husband died right after suffering a subdural hemorrhage. According to the Xarelto lawsuit, the womans husband was prescribed Xarelto in January 2012 to treat atrial fibrillation and suffered the subdural hemorrhage in June 2013. As Xarelto is designed to avoid clotting, there is a danger that excessive bleeding could continue till Xarelto has exited the patients program. For example, if there is bleeding close to a crucial organ such as the brain, lungs, or kidneys, then the standard blood flow to that organ may possibly be interrupted. Xarelto carries a boxed warning stating that early/premature discontinuation of Xarelto increases the risk of thrombotic events If use of Xarelto is discontinued for any cause apart from problematic bleeding or the completion of remedy, patients are advised to strongly consider utilizing a diverse anticoagulant medication. Xarelto is prescribed to support reduce the threat of danger of stroke and blood clots in individuals with atrial fibrillation (not caused by a heart valve difficulty) treat deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism and to minimize the threat of forming a blood clot in the legs and lungs of men and women who have just had knee or hip replacement surgery. But the drug may possibly also cause irreversible internal bleeding that can lead to hospitalization and death. At the time they introduced the medication, Johnson & Johnson and Bayer buried mention about the lack of an Xarelto reversal agent in the complete prescribing info, indicating that they did not test for all possible antidotes. Even right after the hyperlink among Xarelto and critical bleeds became evident in post-advertising adverse event reports, the drug makers continued to market the medication as secure and successful, withholding data on the risk of irreversible bleeding. The lawyers at Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. are reviewing Xarelto cases for folks throughout the United States.