How Your Fitness Training Program Should Look

You have to know how you should approach building a fitness plan before you jump in. You need to be doing weight training, cardio, and flexibility exercises if you want a complete program. These three factors are going to need to be balanced perfectly to get you your desired results.

When it comes to weight training, the workouts should be focused on your fitness goals. If you want to build your strength to its peak condition, you should be using very heavy weights for only a few reps per set. This type of training is how people bench, squat, and deadlift a lot more than their body weight. If you want to add on some quality muscle size, you need to perform about 8-10 reps per set with a weight that is challenging. This type of training will develop the size of your muscles. This kind of workout is what you would see an average bodybuilder performing at the gym. Endurance training is the opposite of strength training, high reps and low weight. 100 pushups in a set with 30+ pull ups right after is no easy task. Unless you are looking to become a bodybuilder and put on some nice muscle size, your training type won't affect your body composition goals. The best idea is to start training with your main goal at the start of the workout and work your way towards your least important goal.

After weight training, we should focus on our cardio work. You are either going to be doing low intensity cardio for long periods of time, or high intensity interval work for short sessions. Low intensity cardio is a great way to actually burn fat during the workout. HIIT will burn more calories overall and be more efficient. Performing LISS and HIIT during the week is a great idea. Just alternate them every other day.

Flexibility isn't set in stone. If you want to recover quickly and actually improve your other types of training, flexibility is a must. You can go to your local Yoga class or just stretch when you have to extra time. Every other day is a great way to begin your stretching plan. NOTE – do not perform static stretching before your weight training workouts. This time is reserved for dynamic stretching.

There you have it! Design a program around these rules and you will be balanced. Make sure you follow the guidelines and you will see results!