How One Silver Dollar is Worth Millions to a Texas Coin Collector


One of the rarest coins about will cost completion of September for an anticipated rate of $3 to $5 million. The 1794 Silver Dollar up for

public auction is among merely 150 such coins known to exist, as well as is thought to be one of the very best maintained.

Additionally recognized as the Flowing Hair Buck, the silver dollar is from the first batch of bucks ever struck by the initial U.S. Philadelphia Mint, developed just two years prior to the coins mintage. This unique coin was struck throughout 1794 and also 1795 just, before being changed with a different style. Its historical significance, integrated with its rarity, makes it a most valued specimen for coin capitalists what is believed to be better preserved 1794 Silver Buck recently cost auction for a record breaking $10 million.The Flowing Hair Dollar was developed by U.S. Mint engraver Robert Scot and also features an image of Lady Freedom with streaming hair on the obverse, surrounded by fifteen stars a depiction of the 15 states that had, at the point of the coins mintage, validated the American Constitution. The reverse bears a picture of an eagle bordered by a wreath of laurel.The coin was comparable in assay to the Spanish reales, which was a preferred type of money at the time of the very first UNITED STATE bucks mintage. Just like the reales, the Flowing Hair Silver Dollar includes around 90 % silver as well as 10 % copper, and also weighs 27 grams.Until its auction, the coin belongs to Pogue family, who own just what is taken into consideration

the most beneficial privately held coin compilation worldwide, being composed of 681 coins with a combined value of$ 200 million. The household is selling its entire compilation of silver and gold coins, consisting of the rare 1794 dollar.The Pogues legendary collection started as a pastime for then nine-year old Brent Pogue in 1974, a true instance of both the long-lasting delight and also financial prospective readily available via collecting and also investing in coins.Provident Metals has a broad variety of historical American coins, from pre-33 gold to other highly valued silver bucks. See where your coin collection can take you!http://