CLAMP Animated Productions - An Opinion

CLAMP Animated Productions - An Opinion

I noticed that CLAMP has been "silent" lately when it comes to anime. Although they are still a name to contend with in the manga industry, it is uncertain if and when there will be another anime adaptation of their works.


To the clueless, CLAMP is a team of female manga artists that has gained international fame for works like Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Clover, Chobits, and Card Captor Sakura, to name a few. Here are my personal opinions as to why CLAMP is no longer enjoying the same anime industry stardom they used to have and how they will be able to get back on track to satisfy their international fans.


They Should Focus on One Project

What I noticed in CLAMP is that they love to do simultaneous projects regardless of whether it's anime, manga, or artbooks. This type of practice is okay, but they should at least be clear on their priorities. If they have one project running, they should just stick to that before proceeding to the next project. I noticed this 'saddening' pattern of the mangaka group when there was a "connection" story between Tsubasa Chronicles and their other work, xxxHolic. It was sad that the story qualities of these two series did a nosedive because these two could've gotten good endings if only the team didn't do everything in one go.


Lack of Media Attention

CLAMP has become a household name in the manga industry. But ever since the anime project with Production I.G. entitled Blood-C, CLAMP has not been heard of in the media. There isn’t even any news of a possible comeback. The quality of their stories could be the cause of this. If they don’t step up anytime soon, they’re likely to end up just like other art groups out there—only a fond memory of awesome works.