Five trends LED lighting in rail lighting

Urban Rail Transit operating structure


At the finish of 2014, a total of 22 cities nationwide opened Metro Operation line length 3173 km. Amongst them, the Metro 2365 kilometers, accounting for 75 percent; rail 239 kilometers, accounting for 8%; monorail 89 km, accounting for three %; modern day streetcar 141 kilometers, accounting for 4%; 30 km maglev transportation, accounting for 1%; the City fast-track 308 km, accounting for 10%.


Rail lighting specifications


Lighting kind presently utilized are largely rail fluorescent lamps, metal halide lamps and higher stress sodium lamp. A wide array of lighting, power is larger, neither facilitate the procurement and upkeep, not environmental protection, and the following issues:


?? bare more light, glare fantastic harm; ?? low illumination, there are variations among the station and also the station, illumination uniformity is not sufficient; ?? modest proportion of luminous flux lamps successfully; ?? utilised mostly for non-energy-efficient lighting products, energy big, high operating costs.


Rail lighting power consumption


Rail transportation hub, rail transit technique the city's lighting electrical energy consumption accounts for about 13 percent of power consumed by the complete subway technique, the present average energy consumption of lighting in our subway 26W / square meter, a lot larger than the national regular (standard lighting when 200lx , consumption value controls six W / square meter or much less). Rail targeted traffic lighting power troubles have turn into increasingly prominent, energy-saving lighting requirements are also acquiring larger and greater.



LED Supply


 Compared with all the traditional lighting, LED has higher power saving applications in rail transportation, environmental protection, shock resistance, stability and other advantages.

 As a result of rail transport for lighting stability element, higher shock resistance and power consumption. LED is suitable for rail transport.


Rail Lighting Applications Distribution (variable message sign)


LED lighting goods inside the type of many different rail targeted traffic lighting, primarily reflected in: car or truck interior lighting, carriage external lights, the station concourse level in public places, the platform layer along with the entrance lighting.



LED energy-efficient lighting demonstration project case


In July 2015, former Guangzhou Metro Line Sanyuanli to Pazhou segment (excluding Xiaogang, Chigang station) LED energy-efficient lighting demonstration project has been completed, general lighting systems in public locations 14 metro stations a total dismantling of fluorescent lamps 8790 sets, 7527 sets of installation of LED lamps, minimizing the 14.4% on the total number of lamps, electrical energy savings of up to 2.45 million a year degrees.


From the financial aspect is concerned, it reached exactly the same illumination, even under similar situations far better lighting effects, LED energy-saving fluorescent lamps in comparison with about 30%, taking into account the long-life factor LED fluorescent tubes in much more, annual savings of plenty of maintenance fees.


In the social side, the brightness on the LED(EN12966) light plane uniformity, lighting shade no dark locations, it'll not seem glare, lower light pollution. In addition, LED because of its rich, pure colors, simple to create a variety of atmosphere.