Cucumber facial mask’s function

Sometimes we need some water in our face which will make us look beautiful. I saw my roommate used cucumber as facial mask in my college. Now when I see the function of cucumber facial mask from skincare products supplier in China, I believe the magic power of facial mask.


Cucumber is known as a first-class whitening skin care products saint. Gherkin cucumber growth cycle is shorter than the larger preservation extraction process difficult, but effect was more pronounced. With a small cucumber water astringent, whitening moisturizing effect is very good, skin cucumber water absorption is much larger than the direct use of cucumber slices, reportedly with a small cucumber water to do a mask, attaining the equivalent of 10 times with cucumber slices from facial masks wholesale manufacturer. Furthermore, the small cucumber water is very gentle, suitable for all skin types, sensitive skin can also be safe to use. Within a month, the skin will be moist and delicate, white and delicate.


We can apply it directly to the face and can also be used after the paper mask soaked, spreads in the face, and other skin care products can make together into DIY mask replenishment. Of course, China health protection tea supplier can provide some health tea for us to make our beauty.