Which CMS option is best for developing e-commerce website?

For developing an e-commerce website, you require certain tools. CMS or Content Management System is most commonly used application for developing e-commerce websites. It helps manage website pages, blogs and applications by create, edit, update, and delete functions.

Many developers and website Development Company in NYC or other cities make use of different CMS options for website development.

Here are some CMS options used for developing e-commerce website-

Magento – It is most widely used CMS option for creating ecommerce websites. Creating and managing online store is easily possible by this tool. Various features like add-ons, marketing options, and analysis in this application helps manage content efficiently.

OpenCart – PHP based open source online system, OpenCart helps create good online store. The best feature of this application is it helps create online store in multiple languages and currencies. You can also get instant reports of your sales, shipping and products, which helps keep track of your work. You can even easily create backup of your content. Besides this, it also helps keep website search engine optimized.

Joomla – Websites that are heavier (with more than 1000 web pages) works effectively on Joomla CMS option. Various plugins and features are offered on this platform like data reporting, communication etc. that helps in managing the website effectively.

Zen Cart – This application supports PHP. Various features like marketing, management, product updating, switching templates etc. helps manage e-commerce website effectively.

WordPress – It is another commonly used CMS options these days. It is an open source content management system, which allows creating web pages, blogs etc. It also provides opportunity to add attractive themes on website that makes the website look attractive. In addition to this, it also provides several plugins, built in, shipping and marketing tools, different payment gateways etc.

Shopify – It provide multiple theme options that helps create attractive online store. It provides various features like hosting, marketing, SEO, gift cards, managing customer accounts, groups, blogs, multiple currencies, social networking, and shipping rates.

Drupal – Lastly, this CMS option allow developing webpages, designing web pages and managing content.

From the aforementioned listed CMSs, you can choose any one to create e-commerce website.

Choose the most optimal option that you find will bring you good business. Choosing any of these tools will help you easily manage your online store.