A bajonazo for Madrid

FIFA virus attacks again to Real Madrid. There is no vaccine that is worth. First Danilo and then James. The two become injured on your selections and be a month out of the team. Long time. A lack of Colombian bajonazo more so.They can't wear Real Madrid Jerseys in few weeks.

The match against Peru still bear the scars James, you'll have to stop for a month. Still it remains in the memory his tremendous display against Betis, Real Madrid last meeting to date. A month is a long time without him. Madrid plays more and better with JR10 and Benitez, who is no fool, he is the first to know.

Rafa booked on debut in El Molinon. He was in cotton and had to come off the bench to lift the spirits of his team. The Madrid left two points, but improved with the entry. White and carburaban.

There was no doubt against Betis. Benitez took the donkey. James came home and ruled the night. He signed two works of art in a stadium that is in your pocket. The Bernabeu is in love with her movements and can not hide.

At Madrid they have done a broken. He loses much without James, although Benitez is quiet. It has high level parts starting with Isco.

James holds an injury like last season. The section of Cucuta and was two months of the green where he dances. We made a goal to Sevilla and left the game with a broken right finger. Damn night. Also when enjoyed most white coffee.

The derby on the horizon
The muscle tear he will miss four games safely League (Espanyol-Real Madrid, Real Madrid-Granada, Athletic-Real Madrid and Real Madrid-Malaga) and the two first dates of Champions (Real Madrid-Shakhtar and Malmoe-Real Madrid).

Just before the estimated return is a derby at the Calderon (October 4). In principle, it is on time, although the date is now marked in red. Would it be too hasty return ?. After waiting another break of selections and Madrid-Levante on 17 March. There they will have spent plenty of time to recharge, recover and come back with the same force with which he's gone, but James anything is possible. The month will be over at the Bernabeu.