Average clast size on the surface differed

4.2. Soil loss
4.3. Rock spalling
Fig. 3. Spalled boulder at Upper Divide (6.5 cm diameter of tape for scale).Photograph taken July 2012.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
We found a total of 483 particles that had spalled, and clasts were found from in-place to as far as 84 cm away from where it DMH-1 fractured off the rock. Many particles were not found, as evident from the amount of newly exposed area on the boulders. The average percent reduction in rock from each boulder was 1.16%. Newly exposed area of rock averaged 0.00095 m2 and fractured material averaged 4.3 × 10− 5 m3 within the Divide Mountain sites (1675 m2). Most of the rock fragments and boulders were not shaped as a square, and therefore enzymes numbers are rough estimates of actual spalling. The long, medium, and short axes of each particle and boulder were measured.
4.4. Influence of fire on micro-site conditions
Table 4.