Table nbsp illustrates that the water use values for

Table 2 illustrates that CP-466722 the water use values for irrigated (WUI) and rain-fed (WUR or 'CP-466722' GWUR) crops are estimated to be 467.16 and 221.18 Gm3, respectively. Jiangsu (44.94 Gm3), Hunan (34.15 Gm3), Heilongjiang (33.93 Gm3) Henan (31.16 Gm3), Jilin (28.98 Gm3) and Shandong (27.37 Gm3) exhibited large WUI values. The total WUI of these 6 provinces accounts for 42.92% of the total water used for irrigated grain crops. Eight PAMs, including Shaanxi, Shanghai, Ningxia, Tianjin, Hainan, Beijing, Qinghai and Xizang, exhibited a WUI less than 5.00 Gm3. Large WUR values were found in Heilongjiang (26.94 Gm3), Sichuan (18.92 Gm3), Henan (14.13 Gm3), Jilin (13.21 Gm3), Yunnan (13.09 Gm3) and Hubei (12.19 Gm3). These 6 provinces account for a combined 44.38% of the total water consumption related to rain-fed grain crops. The ratios of WUI (or WUR) to WUt are significantly different among PAMs. These ratios were over 80.00% in eight PAMs (including Xinjiang, Shanghai, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Fujian, Hunan, Beijing and Zhejiang), with highest value reaching 96.83% in Xinjiang. In contrast, the ratio is cell body less than 40.00% in several provinces, such as Guizhou (34.27%) and Shaanxi (39.78%).