MG200Q2YS50 Toshiba GTR Module Silicon N Channel IGBT

Visit and buy your very own MG200Q2YS50. Witness the next level performance of your high power switching applications!


Toshiba MG200Q2YS50 (GTR Module Silicon N Channel IGBT) is the ultimate solution to enhance the performance of your high power switching applications. With a weight of only 0.95 lbs., this remarkable device can generate a power of 200 amperes of collector current and a collector emitter of 1200 volts!


MG200Q2YS50 is equipped with a complete half bridge, all in one package. Plus, its electrodes are isolated from its case and has low power dissipation, thus enhancing its efficiency rate.


Classified as a Generic Transient Recorder, MG200Q2YS50 can offer full support to various transient recorders. It has also been proven that this device can release the full potentials of DC motor controls.


MG200Q2YS50’s installation is very convenient due to its simple but advanced components. It has a built-in diode and a flange mounting device for easy use. Its amazing reverse recovery time has also been designed to improve its operational speed and reliability.