Crazy trends for LED application

LED driver IC used in LED lighting will be the main growth market. Lighting, automotive headlights and other emerging LED application market is in large numbers from LED panel manufacture in China which sets off another wave of LED application frenzy.


As the market and technology matures, LED application has fully penetrated into various fields. Lighting and LED backlight technology are currently the two largest applications, and innovative LED driver technology is the driving force applied to the popularity of these two. In the next 1-3 years, the domestic LED driver product like square LED lights from kingsonlight round LED panel suppliers, their specifications, quality, reliability, security and other aspects will be mandatory since leaving the overall level to another level. This change is that we like to see. Will greatly accelerate the development of LED industry, boost LED industry has become a new economic growth point. This is what people are looking for all the LED future.


Now, even for the square LED panel wholesale, we could see various types of LED lights for sell.