This Week in Gold: Mining news, common Gold IRA questions, and more

This week in gold and The Gold Report, geologist Thomas Schuster spoke regarding the challenges gold mines are confronting, we replied regarding starting a Gold IRA, the most frequent questions, if gold has hit a bottom, and analysts questioned. Based on Barron's, "Gold bulls are coming from the woodwork as costs for the yellow metal rebound off four-and-a-half-year lows."

Here is the complete recap of the narratives of this week.

Thomas Schuster:

Based on Schuster, earn a profit and as a result of mining companies struggling to produce enough gold, international supply not keeping up with demand and is constrained. "[T]he fact is, on an international scale, we're not replacing reservations as quickly as we are mining them. That basic fact supports only one result: higher costs," he said.

5 common questions regarding Gold IRAs

Curious investors usually possess lots of questions, although a Gold IRA is pretty easy. See Wednesday's website for responses to the five most frequently asked questions regarding Gold IRAs.

Is gold hitting on a bottom?

Could gold be hitting on a bottom? A growing variety of analysts believe so. The term "hitting a bottom" may seem threatening, but in the eyes of the majority of investors it's not. Read more.