5 Tips For Choosing a Company Name

Because URLs are impactful to Seo, you may want to strategize your name around your target key phrases. This is particularly important if your company relies heavily on search-engine-driven ecommerce.

2. Function vs. Flair - Particularly if you want a name that goes hand in hand with your Seo efforts, probabilities are you will end up selecting something functional. For instance, for my marketing consulting company, I could have chosen marketingconsultingfirm.com to optimize my url for Seo. That stated, knowing the key phrases "marketing" and "consulting" are highly competitive terms to rank for, and that my company would rely most heavily on networking and referrals, I opted for a company name that emphasized branding. Selecting The Fresh Basil, Inc. was developed to be memorable, catchy, simple to say and branded around my name, Charlie Basil. I chose flair over function understanding that as my company grows, I can compartmentalize my company units as person companies with functional business names and URLs. For instance, if my Search engine optimization business continues to thrive, I may produce a separate identity just for that service and name it something like, expertseofirm.com (even though I'm fairly certain that name is taken). That way, I can take optimize for search engine rankings for specialized services, while maintaining my well branded corporate identity.

3. Word of Mouth Implications - Even in the age of online social networking, word of mouth is still the most potent tool a brand can leverage. I like to take that thinking to the next level when crafting a brand name. Think about how well the words roll off the tongue. Does the pronunciation have a good rhythm? Are the words familiar and easy to communicate? When speaking to a friend, will a consumer have to repeat himself when sharing the name of your brand or web site? Choose a name that has a ring to it and is easy to pass along with the spoken word.

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4. Stuck? Crowd Supply It - If you have exhausted yourself brainstorming and still haven't discovered a name you're thrilled about, consider crowd sourcing. Crowd sourcing is the act of sharing your business concept with an online neighborhood and asking for name suggestions. You will receive a flurry of submissions. You just may get 1 you adore. If not, you surely will come away with plenty of kindling to stoke an additional round of brainstorming with a fresh point of view.

5. Check URL Availability - Before you are too far along in deciding your name, be certain to search for url availability. Usually, I like to do this in the extremely starting of the procedure to get a really feel for availability of urls in my niche. A easy GoDaddy.com search for potential urls will paint a good picture. As I get closer to locking down a name, I'll zero in on 5 powerful choices and their variants (i.e. FreshBasil.com and TheFreshBasil.com). A GoDaddy search will grant you access to the contact info of domain holders who may be prepared to sell. From there, it's a negotiation and a worth evaluation to determine if you want to buy your ideal url, or continue to be inventive in discovering 1 that is accessible.