Did you know that there are around 11,000 house fires recorded in Australia every year? It is a minimum requirement that you have at least one smoke alarm installed per floor of your home. However the NSW Fire Brigade recommend that you also install them outside all sleeping areas and inside all bedrooms.


They may only be small, but that little disc on the ceiling could well save your life one day! They are designed not only to detect a fire, but ensure that they alert everyone in your home before the fire takes a hold, so that you and your family can call emergency services and make a safe escape.


There are two main types of smoke alarms that detect residential fires in different ways:


Ionisation smoke alarms – This type of smoke alarm can effectively “smell” the smoke from a fire, which makes them better at detecting fast flaming fires, however, they may be slower to detect slow burning fires.


Photoelectric – Effectively, this type of smoke alarm can “see” smoke before it bursts into flames. This makes them more effective detectors of slow burning or smouldering fires as they can detect smoke from a house fire earlier than Ionisation smoke detectors. If an electrical fire has started in the home (which are caused by appliances or overloaded circuits), these extra minutes can prove to be lifesaving because at this stage of the fire, air is still breathable and visbility may not be affected.


Smoke alarms save lives, so keep you and your family safe. Our Sydney based electricians install smoke alarms in a flash and can provide expert advice about smoke alarm safety, so call us today on 1800 893 218.


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