The Alarming Dilemma of Dairy Farmers

India is the biggest producer and customer of the dairy products milk in this world producing around 130 million tonnes and the total world production estimates 730 million tones. FAO estimated 85 % of all milk worldwide was generated from cows and the rest is from other species (11 % Buffalo,2 % heard as well as 2 % others.). UNITED STATE is the 2nd largest manufacturer of milk and the first largest producer of cow's milk. Israel dairy products farms are very effective with a yield of 12,546 kgs of milk each cow per year.

Indian Dairy farmers are in crisis with increased expense of manufacturing and non remunerative rates. Roi for dairy farmers are very much less due to raised costs of feed as well as medical expenses for pets. Previously, the livestocks used to depend upon grazing, natural resources and plant residue for straw which are lowering now. The milk farmers are by force depend upon the packaged cattle feed to increase the milk manufacturing, ultimately the price of production has actually enhanced. Feed price has actually been enhancing around 30- HALF from past four successive years, however the milk procurement rates have not increased comparatively. Healthcare likewise large burden, vaccination as well as De-warming costs have actually been increased.

The efficiency of the livestocks is based upon the caring and handling, farmers are slowly lowering their non performance animals as well as changing over to efficient breeds like Shirt as well as Holstein Friesian. Investment on these unique cattle is heavy trouble for the farmers as well as these breeds require even more feed, water and also caring considering that they are foreign animals. Farmers are battling to obtain lendings for bleeding pets and also the financial institution fees are really high as much as 12 % rates of interest and also insurance policy cost is added. With the increased cost of production including pricey types the dairy products farming is not remunerative, so the farmers are gradually decreasing their herd dimension as well as considered the farmers have quiting the dairy farming.

Our Indian Milk Sector remains in disorderly scenario, India is the biggest milk producer on the planet, ironically ...

whereas chemical mixed adulterated milk is widely available in the marketplace.

whereas milk intake is quite less and 68.72 Kg/capita/year.

Whereas The Food and safety and security standards authority of India (FSSAI) has actually introduced the 68 % of the bulk milk supplies have discovered to be risky and also substandard high quality.

Indian federal government has actually opened the gates to FDI's and also delighted to go into in free trade arrangements, currently France's DANONE is boldy marketing it's dairy products in Indian market connected with Dynamix Dairy- Baramathi (Maharashtra), New Zealand's FONTERRA and DANONE are interested to get major stack in Hyderabad based Tirumala Milk products. As we know that biggest milk creating countries are keen to go into in Indian market, a lot of the developed nations' dairy products farming is greatly funded and also greatly subsidized by the federal governments with various revenue assistance strategies like i.e. Milk income loss contract repayment, Market loss assistance, Dairy Earnings loss support programs, dairy products Indemnity, milk advertising charges and more. Such big aids maintain the International milk prices down which are visiting influence extremely severely on our Indian dairy industry. we should oppose as strong as possible to shield our Indian dairy Industry versus unloading.

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